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Peter V Quenter

PetervQuenter Crimsonbamboo Arts

Vancouver, BC


"Setting your eyes upon nature is the highest refinement of civilization", Matsuo Bashoo, Japanese Master Poet, 1644 - 1694;
"We study and educate ourselves ourselves not only for our own good, but for the benefit of all", James Robertson Marshall, 19? - 199?)

These two quotes reflect quite well my sentiments in life generally and towards work and the arts more specifically.

Most of my images can be printed to very large sizes -
for use on greeting cards, adjust the size-slider to scale the image to fit.

and here a bit of my back ground:
Study with and exposure to various teachers and Brush Calligraphy Masters, such as, foremost,
Tomoko Kodama Sensei, Ottawa;
Kobun Chino Roshi and Kanjuro Shibata Sensei (Kyudo Master and Calligrapher) from Japan;
Barbara Basch in the Lineage of Tibetan Buddhist Master Choegyam Trungpa Rinpoche; Fumiko Uyenaka Sensei

2002 to present -Teaching workshops in Brush Calligraphy and traditional method of paper-backing/mounting; courses conducted at: the Visual Arts Centre Orleans; the studio of au Papier Japonais, Montreal; Yamada Art Studio, Montreal; Shambhala Centre, Montreal; St. Moritz Public Art School, Switzerland; Stepping Stones Art Gallery, Ottawa; Art Lending of Ottawa;
2012 - Solo Exhibition 'Engiadina Shadows' with the Engadin Museum - St Moritz Art Masters, Switzerland (annual international Arts Show)
2009 - Solo Exhibition ‘The Silence of Seeing’, Trinity Gallery, Schenkman Arts Centre, Orleans (Ottawa)
2009 - Solo Exhibition ‘Engadiner Impressions’ - Photography, Pontresina, Switzerland
2008 - Solo Exhibition ‘Haiga through the Seasons’ at the Cumberland Gallery, Orleans (Ottawa)
2008 - Design of logo for HaikuNorthAmerica conference
2008 - Design of logo for annual HaikuCanada conference
2007 - World Haiku Association Japan WHAC4 International Commemorative Haiga Contest - First Place Award of Excellence
2007 - Design of logo for 30 year anniversary conference of Haiku Canada
2007 - Focus Show juried Member Art-Lending, Ottawa
2006 - Acceptance juried show Major’s Art Festival, Ottawa
2006 - Group exhibition at ‘The Green Door’ in Ottawa
2003 and 2005 - Group exhibitions at the Visual Arts Centre Nepean
1998 - Group exhibition at the Japanese Embassy, Ottawa
1982- 1984 Art studies at the University in Cologne, Germany
Hanging of works at various locales in Ottawa and Montreal

Certified in classical Homoeopathy, Herbology, Natural Nutrition, Iridology, Reflexology; in 1993 passed the board examination for the National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in the USA; practicing and teaching classical Homoeopathy and Natural Health in Ottawa and across Canada from 1990 to 2005; currently providing Natural Health education to customers and Natural Food Store staff across Canada, while also focusing on the practice and creation of Art as a skillful means for Mindful Living.


Fishing boats docked at Britannia Shipyard Richmond BC by Peter v Quenter


Love and Happiness with Cherry blossoms by Peter v Quenter


Tulip macro by Peter v Quenter


Moody sunrise with grasses and birds by Peter v Quenter


Red Life Saver Rescue Floatation by Peter v Quenter


Japanese maple with withered leaves and rain drops by Peter v Quenter


Pink winter blossoms of Viburnum with rain drops by Peter v Quenter


Nestled moss on tree branch by Peter v Quenter


Vancouver skyline aCloud over English Bay by Peter v Quenter


Colourful Bubble Abstract Quadriptych by Peter v Quenter


Dandelion abstract by Peter v Quenter


Poppies in black and white by Peter v Quenter


Boxer dog by Peter v Quenter


Low tide sunset beach with sand ripples and silky water by Peter v Quenter


Beach Panorama View across English Bay Vancouver by Peter v Quenter


Vancouver skyline with crows by Peter v Quenter


Chinese Mountains in ink and charcoal with poetry by Zen monk Ryokan by Peter v Quenter


Japanese Love Poem with ink brush painting of mountain scene by Peter v Quenter


InkBrush Circle with coppertone 3 by Peter v Quenter


Merry Christmas in Japanese with winter scene painting by Peter v Quenter


Merry Christmas Winter Scene by Peter v Quenter


Merry Christmas by Peter v Quenter


A woman's heart flows like a golden river by Peter v Quenter


One Moment 1000 Gold Every Moment is Precious by Peter v Quenter


Peggy's Cove NovaScotia by Peter v Quenter


Peggy's Cove Lighthouse silhouette by Peter v Quenter


False Creek evening with Burrard Bridge by Peter v Quenter


Autumn Pufball Mushroom by Peter v Quenter


Autumn Berries red on green by Peter v Quenter


Autumn Berries white and red by Peter v Quenter


Seagull in Harbor Sunset by Peter v Quenter


Pigeons on yellow roof by Peter v Quenter


Halifax sunrise skyline by Peter v Quenter


Lake view with red autumn foliage by Peter v Quenter


Squirrel with pear by Peter v Quenter


Red Japanese Maple on Red by Peter v Quenter


Autumn Haiku Haiga by Peter v Quenter


Golden autumn colour foliage on rainy pond by Peter v Quenter


Autum Colors Earth Water Air by Peter v Quenter


Vancouver sky line with sea gull by Peter v Quenter


Orchid and Face by Peter v Quenter


Rocky Creek with silky water by Peter v Quenter


Red Poppies 3D by Peter v Quenter


Vancouver Skyline Abstract 1 by Peter v Quenter


Pink Flower with InkBrush Calligraphy Joyfulness by Peter v Quenter


Mussel on the beach by Peter v Quenter


Watermelons on the window sill by Peter v Quenter


Above the clouds PH1939a by Peter v Quenter